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  • Scientific Research

    Key technologies and independently developed instruments provide basis support for scientific research in conservation and archaeology, criminal and environmental forensics

Scientific Research

Conservation and Archaeology

The protection of cultural relics is a combination of traditional technology and modern science, providing technical support for surveying, protection, maintenance, analysis and identification in archaeology and cultural relics protection.

File forgery

Forged documents refer to the forged documents made in imitation of the style, words, patterns and features of the real documents. Also the act of making fake documents. Common forgery objects include currency, securities, bills, official documents, certificates, contracts, rare paintings and calligraphy, wills, and so on.

Aeronautics and astronautics

Aerospace vehicles work under extreme conditions such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high vacuum, high stress and strong corrosion. In addition to relying on optimized structural design, they also rely on the excellent properties and functions of materials. Thus, aerospace materials in the development of aerospace products in the extremely important position and role.

Environmental forensics

It provides an ideal tool for law enforcement detection of ecological environment department/transportation department. For law enforcement personnel to improve the efficiency of detection, to win the battle against pollution to lay the foundation for the implementation of environmental goals!

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