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PeDX Family (Portable)

PeDX G5 Gold Analyzer for Gold Shop/ Recycler

PeDX G5 Gold Analyzer for Gold Shop/ Recycler

PeDX G5 is designed an efficient, accurate and intuitive analyzer customized for gold shops and recycling industry. Light solid materials ensure users to carry it easily to any testing sites including jewelry shops, factories and recycling center. Built-in high-performance microprocessor ensures the accuracy of data processing and reliability of test results. PeDX is equipped with HD camera to focus on small samples so that to increase the accuracy of operation.

PeDX G5’s user-friendly operating interface ensures that even non-professionals can learn and use easily for quick on-site analysis, highly improving efficiency. Powerful data management system is convenient for users for follow-up data analysis and management. It’s a good helper for jeweller, recyclers and processing factories in precious metal quality control process.


High accuracy

XRF technology provides reliable purity and composition data with an accuracy up to 0.03% (999 gold).

Fast analysis

Compared with traditional chemical methods, XRF precious metal analyzer provides results in seconds, greatly improving efficiency.

Data management system

Built-in data management system for users to store, check and export test results.

Equipped with Bluetooth printer

Bluetooth printer is equipped for wireless printing. Users only need to click ‘Print’ button to obtain reports and data quickly.


Small volume and light weight make it easy to carry and use in various environments.

One-click intelligent operation

The entire analysis process can be done in several seconds. The operation is simple and can be easily mastered by non-technical personnel.

A/S service

7*24hours hotline, quick and professional response to ensure customers’ worry-free experience.

Application scenario

 PeDX Precious Metal Analyzer(图1)

Recycling material analysis in gold refiner / jewelry factory

Gold analyzer is the key equipment to ensure the quality of recycled material in gold refinery and jewelry factory. It can analyze the purity and composition of recycled gold quickly and accurately, helping refineries to efficiently evaluate raw material value and optimize the refining process. In addition, benefiting from high accuracy of XRF gold analyzer, environmental pollution is reduced while productivity and product quality are improved. For jewelry factories, XRF precious metal analyzer ensures the accurate ratio of recycled materials and guarantees the fineness and quality of jewelry.

 PeDX Precious Metal Analyzer(图2)

Trade-in or recycling tests in gold shop / jewelry showroom

Gold analyzer is an indispensable tool for trade-in or recycling services in gold shop and jewelry showroom. It provides accurate purity and composition analysis, ensuring the fairness and transparency of transaction.

 PeDX Precious Metal Analyzer(图3)

Evaluation of the pawn value of precious metals and jewelry in pawnshop

Pawnshops need to accurately assess the purity, composition, and value of precious metals and jewelry to ensure the fairness and safety of trading. Gold analyzer can quickly identify the authenticity and purity of gold, platinum, palladium and other precious metals, evaluate precious metals and jewelry, avoiding economic losses caused by miscalculation and reducing the risk of adulteration and fake.

 PeDX Precious Metal Analyzer(图4)

Other precious metal recycling composition analysis

Various recycling channels such as banks, individuals and small recyclers need accurate composition analysis technology to ensure recycling quality of precious metal products such as gold and gold-plated electronic wastes.

Product Parameters

Weight4.6KG(without battery)
Sample chamber size170×130×60mm(L×W×H)
Detection rangeAl-U
LanguageMulti languages including Chinese, English

Si-Pin detector

Optical structure


Tube windowBeryllium(Be) window

Equipped with 1.5mm collimator to reduce background noise,improve resolution and accuracy.  


±0.03%(999 gold)

Built-in computerIncluded
Display system

5.7-inch industrial-grade resistance touch screen

Automatic display brightness adjustment according to environment

Computer parameterI. MX 6 Quad, quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
Data printingBluetooth printer
AlgorithmPeDX G5 adopts curve calibration method and fundamental parameter(FP) method to remove background difference, reduce error and improve test accuracy.
One-click test buttonIncluded
CameraBuilt-in camera provides intuitive sample positioning and image recording function, ensuring accurate X-ray irradiation and operation.
Data transmissionBuilt-in 32G system memory,USB,Bluetooth
Power supply

Standard 2 MSBUS intelligent batteries

A single battery can work for about 8 hours. State of charge(SOC)can be directly checked in the battery. 

Compliance with the transport regulations of dangerous goods by air