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TrueX Family (Handheld)

TrueX Handheld XRF Analyzer

TrueX Handheld XRF Analyzer

TrueX handheld XRF analyzer is a powerful handheld XRF equipment launched by our company, featuring fast detection, ruggedness and small convenience. It can help users obtain laboratory - comparable results in the field environment. It is widely used in waste recycling, environmental assessment, RoHS compliance, consumer product safety, metal materials, metal jewelry and other fields.


High performance configuration

Low-energy X-rays combined with an intelligent vacuum system can have a good excitation effect on light elements such as Si, P, S, Al, and Mg. XRF technology can be used to analyze key elements with high content such as Cr,Niand Mo.

Automatic switching of various collimators and filters

5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.5mm four kinds of collimators, the collimator and the filter can be automatically switched by the software, saving time and effort, the detection can be improved by the combination of the appropriate collimator and filter or no filter Accuracy and Sensitivity.


It does not damage or affect the performance of the tested object, does not damage the internal tissue of the tested object, and has no damage in the entire testing process.

Peltier refrigeration

The advanced Peltier electric refrigeration method does not require liquid nitrogen, which reduces the complexity of equipment use and saves manpower and equipment maintenance costs.

Data transmission

USB, WIFI, wireless Bluetooth and other methods for data transmission.


The files can be in EXCEL, PDF and other formats, and users can create custom test reports: including company logo, spectrum and other sample information.


Fully enclosed metal case and anti-leakage protection switch, more scientific in design, coordination of software and hardware, electromechanical linkage, radiation safety in line with the requirements of national standards GB18871-2002 and GBZ115-2002.

Product Parameters

Excitation sourceUp to 50kV/200μA, Voltage and current can be adjusted freely, W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
Detection RangeMg—U
Display System

4.3 inches industrial grade resistance touch screen

Automatically adjust display brightness according to external environment

Data Processing

Built-in 32GB storage

USB, can connect the device to the Internet, remote setting and maintenance of the instrument

Heat dissipationT-slot radiator

Built-in DoubleBeam™ technology automatically whether samples are at front, enhanced radiation safety and protection

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof carrying case

LANScientific special safety rope

Power Supply System

Intelligent battery with MSBUS, can directly check the remaining capacity of the battery, the battery complies with the air dangerous goods transport regulations

A single battery can work for about 8 hours