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Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer

LANScientific handheld Libs Analyzer is a new high-end intelligent detection equipment without harmful ionizing radiation in the field of spectral analysis, which can perform precise material identification and element quantitative analysis of alloy materials. Hand-held laser analyzer, the analysis of technology from the laboratory area greatly expand, live outdoors, even in the process of the production technology, its applications cover metal recycling, industrial manufacturing, machinery, automobiles, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, light industry, petroleum chemical industry, energy and environment, mining exploration, drug safety, health, and the forensic police and other industries.

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology is a laser ablation analysis technology. It focuses the laser on the surface of the sample. When the energy density of the laser pulse is greater than the breakdown threshold energy, plasma will be generated locally in the sample. The spectra are then collected by photodetectors and spectrometers, and the sample information can be confirmed by advanced algorithms.


A second test

Very flexible, lightweight and portable, it can deliver results in less than a second withaccurate results.

Laser safety

Using high Energy Pulsedsafety (3B) laser technology,there is no radiation hazard. Because the laser is no longercollimated after convergence through the optical path, normal use of no harm to human body. Reliable pulsed laser life can reach millions of times.

Strong and durable

The detector is generally protected by sapphire glass and  can safely measure sharp objects such as chips and planers.

Non destructive

No sample preparation, small damage to the sample, the burning point left is very small, the naked eye can not be detected.

Application scenario

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图1)


Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图2)

Car manufacturer

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图3)

Electronic production

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图4)

Door and window products

Product parameter

The core technologyBased on LIBS laser technology, no ionizing fluorescence radiation
Dimensions227 x 86 x 234 mm(L×W×H)
Weight1.25 KG {2.75 LBS). Includes batteries
The battery

14.8V 3250mAh, 48 watt-hour power

Waterproof properties

IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating

WIFI2.4ghz 802.11n/ B/A wireless network

Bluetooth 4.1 Classic, Low Power Bluetooth


4.0-inch resistive touch screen, 320 M80 cable


Internal standard storage 8Gb, upgradable to 16Gb

The laser

Class 3B 1064nm passive solid-state laser

Smooth instrument

<0.2nm resolution

Single test timeAbout 1 second
High precision test modeThe average value after multiple single tests can be analyzed through the algorithm 
The alloy substrateAluminum base, Magnesium base
Testable element


Sample typesCylinder, thin plate, wire diameter above 1mm, foil (~0.02mm), large fragment (no powder)
Detection limitIt varies according to different substrates and elements
The databaseIt contains more than 100 most commonly used alloy brands and can be advanced manufactured by wave sound software
Working temperatureStandard 0-40 ° C,Recommended 5-35 ° C
SoftwareVela client software (application update, data culling and brand library customization, test report generation, standard file editing, etc.)
SecurityPhysical laser safety interlocking device
The warrantyAll parts have a one-year factory warranty

Routine maintenance

 (performed by users)

Clean the sample room with cotton swabs, conduct grapefruit inspection with alloy

standard samples provided, and conduct on-site calibration with specified alloy

standard samples; To catch high accuracy