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Handheld LIBS Alloy Analyzer

Handheld LIBS Alloy Analyzer

Handheld alloy analyzer is an advanced spectral analysis tool, integrated with laser-induced breakdown technology and spectral analysis methods. it is light and portable and with the characteristics of easy to operate, fast analysis speed, no need for sample preparation, low destructiveness, small point detection area and simultaneous online detection of multiple elements. It gives accurate grade identification and element quantitative analysis of metal materials, and is especially suitable for the detection of light elements such as magnesium, aluminum, and silicon.

provides a convenient and efficient elemental analysis solution for metal materials, metallurgical smelting and other industries, and provides users with a reliable tool for accurate and real-time sample analysis in complex environments.


One-second detection

One-key operation, flexible and efficient detection in one second, results display in two seconds.

Portable and lightweight

The whole machine weighs only 1.65 kg, is small in size, meets ergonomic requirements, has strong battery life, and can meet the testing needs of field applications.

Safety laser

Using high-energy pulse safety (3B) laser technology, normal use is absolutely harmless to the human body. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a sensor laser safety interlock to help reduce the risk of accidental laser exposure.

Small ablation damage

Micro-destructive, the ablation damage to the sample target surface is very small and basically invisible to the naked eye.

No need for sample preparation

Capable for having elemental analysis of any form of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and mixed states) with no or only a small amount of sample preparation.

Application scenario

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图1)

Car manufacturer

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图2)


Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图3)


Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图4)

waste recycling

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图5)

Building materials industry

Handheld LIBS Alloy Anlyzer(图6)

Electronic production

Product parameter

Core TechnologyIntegrated laser-induced breakdown technology and spectral analysis methods
Dimensions255 x 294 x 80mm(L×W×H)
Weight1.65Kg (with battery)
Display system

4.3-inch industrial-grade resistive touch screen

Automatically adjust display brightness according 

to external environment brightness

Storage function


LaserSolid state laser

Spectral parameters

<0.2nm resolution

Single test time

Results in 1 second

High precision test mode  

Quick inspection model, general inspection model, precise inspection mode (the average value of multiple single test values can be analyzed through the algorithm)

Test elements

Mg, Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Ni, Si, Ti, Zn, Zr, Pb, Sn, Sr, etc. (different models can test different elements)

Alloy base

Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, lead alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel, medium and low alloy steel and other alloy grades and main element contents

Sample typeCylinders, thin plates, wires above 1mm in diameter, foils (~0.02mm), large fragments (no powder)
Detection limitVaries according to different base and elements 
Work temperatureStandard 0~40℃

Application update, data download and grade library custom editing, test report generation, calibration file editing, etc.

SafetySensing light safety interlock device
BatteryEquipped with MSBUS bus smart battery, two single batteries can work continuously for about 8 hours, and the remaining battery capacity can be directly checked. It complies with aviation dangerous goods transportation regulations.
Waterproof performanceIP54 waterproof and dustproof rating