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INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

INSIGHT Universal Version for Small Parts

Provide accurate analysis for miniaturized products
INSIGHT Universal Version for Small Parts

The INSIGHT coating analyzer uses a micro-focusing X-Ray tube to collect most of the rays from the X-Ray source and focus them into a micro-beam spot, which is irradiated at the sample position, so as to obtain good spatial resolution and strong fluorescence signal. The instrument collects, processes and evaluates the fluorescent signal generated after the sample is irradiated through the energy spectrum probe and the subsequent data processor to obtain the composition information of the sample. It enables fast measurement and precise analysis for more complex applications and is ideal for elemental analysis of inhomogeneous or irregularly shaped unknown samples as well as microscopic objects.

INSIGHT Coating Analyzer is a 'up-bottom' coating analyzer, which has the characteristics of compact appearance, space saving, easy operation, fast analysis, and accurate detection. It is widely used for elemental analysis and thickness detection of samples with conventional and complex coating structures, especially for samples with uneven, irregular, and even tiny shapes. Besides, It ensures customers get reliable, repeatable results for hundreds of applications including: jewelry, small parts, connector plating, general circuit boards, and more.



Multiple collimators are optional or multiple collimator combinations are automatically switched by the software, which can flexibly deal with parts of different sizes.

One-touch measurement

The instrument is equipped with intuitive and intelligent analysis software, which is easy to operate. Anyone can test samples without training. Just click "Start Test", and the test results can be obtained in tens of seconds.

Auto focus

Samples of various shapes can be quickly and clearly focused, video images can be zoomed in, crosshairs included, autofocus.

Programmable automatic displacement sample stage

Fixed or motorized automatic stages are available and are programmable to accommodate a wide range of part sizes and test volumes. A fixed sample stage is sufficient for spot inspection of one or several locations on the circuit board where the inspection area can be easily located. The user can manually position the sample using a fixed stage, but boards with complex designs and extremely small features are better handled on a motorized stage, which provides better precision for fine-tuning. In addition, INSIGHT allows the creation, saving and recall of multipoint programs for automated testing of multiple components. A programmable XY stage combined with built-in pattern recognition software makes high volume sample testing both efficient and consistent.

High-performance imported detector

We choose Si-PIN detectors suitable for multi-element coatings. Compared with traditional gas proportional counters, Si-PIN has better resolution, lower background noise (highest S/N ratio) long-term stability and longer service life.

Large measurement room

The slotted design (C-slot) of the instrument shell makes the measurement space wide and the sample easy to place. It can measure large and flat items such as printed circuit boards, and can also place large samples with complex shapes.

Nondestructive testing

X-Ray fluorescence is a non-destructive analytical process that leaves no traces and it is very safe to measure even on sensitive materials.

Application scenario

ScopeX COAT镀层分析仪(图1)

Bathroom products

PCB surface treatment process, common are hot air leveling, organic coating OSP, electroless nickel plating/immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin and electroplating nickel gold and other processes. INSIGHT provides fast, efficient, non-destructive and accurate analysis of PCB coating thickness and composition of different shapes.

INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts(图2)


The electroplating process can protect the metal surface of jewelry and make the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful. Jewelry electroplating standards are different in different countries. At present, the standard implemented in my country is "General Technical Conditions for Precious Metal Coated Ornaments - Electroplating QB T 4188-2011". In order to meet market quality requirements and ensure compliance with industry standards. INSIGHT is suitable for single-layer and multi-layer thickness and composition inspection of jewelry of different shapes.

INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts(图3)

Electronic Component

The development of coating technology and electronic components is synergistic with each other. With the accelerated pace of social development, the performance requirements of electronic components are gradually increasing, and coating technology is also particularly important. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of electronic products, the detection and screening of the coating of electronic components is an important part. Common electronic component coatings include tin-silver (Sn-Ag) coating, tin-bismuth (Sn-Bi) coating, tin-copper (Sn-Cu) coating, pre-plated nickel-palladium-gold (Ni-Pd-Au) and so on.

INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts(图4)

Universal Small Parts and Small Structures

With the rapid development of science and technology, parts in various industries tend to be miniaturized. As an important surface treatment method for small parts, coating process is divided into rack plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating.

Product Parameters

The characteristics ofTop-down measurement structure, XYZ measurement platform, MUTI-FP multilayer algorithm
Scope of elementNa(11)—Fm(100)
Analysis of the layer number of5 layers (4 layers + substrate) each layer can analyze 10 elements, composition analysis can analyze up to 25 elements
X-ray tube50 W (50 kV, 1mA) micro-focused tungsten palladium ray tube (target material is optional)
The detectorSi-PIN large area detector
Collimatorφ0.05-φ1  is optional. Multi-standard is optional
The cameraHigh resolution CMOS color camera, 5 megapixels
Manual sample XY platformMoving range:100 x 150 mm
Programmable XY platform(Optional)
Z-axis range of movement150 mm
Sample bin size564×540×150 mm (L x W x H)
Overall dimensions664×761×757 mm (L x W x H)
weight 120KG
The power supplyAC 220V±5V 50Hz(The configuration varies slightly by region)
Rated power150W