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ScopeX Family (Benchtop)

Precious Metal Analyzer

Precious Metal Analyzer

The ScopeX GOLD Precious Metal Analyzer provides rapid and easy determination of Au,  Ag, Pt, Pd)and rare precious metals such as Os. Equipped with a variety of collimators and oversized sample chambers, the ScopeX GOLD Precious Metal Analyzer can be used for a wide variety of items and can be used to measure small individual parts on the items. Such as connectors, buttons, inserts and gemstones, etc., are ideal tools for gold and silver purity marking centers, gold refineries, smelters and testing laboratories.


Accurate and Reliable Quantitative Method

LANScientific international XRF analysis software, integration correction curve method, fundamental parameter method (FP) and other analysis methods, the accuracy of the test data performance is fully guaranteed.

Simple and Intuitive 

It can accurately depict and analyze the spectrogram, and has the spectrogram contrast function, which can quickly detect the possible change of the material composition and reduce the risk.

Easy Customization

On the basis of the built-in template, it provides a variety of customized options, which can realize the personalized filtering of different materials and elements according to the threshold value and decision string required by the filtering.

Facilitate Management 

With hierarchical permission management, operators can log in to the system using different user names and passwords, thus binding test reports to testers. Various test report output formats (Excel, PDF, etc.), and can be customized test report content to meet different test data management requirements. 

X-ray tube Aging Automatically

After the X-ray tube has been idle for a period of time, its internal vacuum degree will be reduced. If it is used directly without aging, the X-ray tube will be damaged. LANScientific is equipped with X-ray tube auto-aging function in the software to protect the equipment and minimize the effort required for device maintenance.

Application scenario


Inspection of incoming materials, process abrasives, recycled materials and finished products of the jewelry factory


Detection of recycled components of precious metals/gold products of banks


Finished product inspection of the gold store and jewelry recycling component inspection


Assessment of pawn value of precious metals and jewelry in pawnshops


Laboratory and college teaching of gold, silver and precious metals testing institutions

Product parameter

Range of elementNa—U
Sample room size365×300×78mm(L×W×H)
Maximum sample weight0-2.5KG
Cover openAutomatic
Mainframe size570×400×400mm
X-ray tubeHigh power side window X-ray tube
VoltageUp to 50kV
CurrentMaximum 1mA
Cooling methodAir cooling
Test environmentAir mode, Vacuum mode(optional), Helium mode (optional)
Sample Observation5 megapixel HD industrial camera
CPU is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
RAMDDR4 4 GB memory or above
ROM1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
OSWindows 10
Temperature conditions10°C~35°C
Relative humidity40%-70% No condensation
Power supply220VAC
Rated power100W