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Raman Spectrometers

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Provide a new detection method for the biomedical field
 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Portable X-ray fluorescence - Raman instrument is an integrated analysis instrument designed by LANScientific for user needs. It is a combination of XRF technology, Raman spectroscopy technology and scientific stoichiometry algorithm, with small size, simple preparation/no sample preparation, short determination time, high sensitivity, wide analysis range, low cost characteristics, chemical research, polymer materials, biomedical. Pharmaceutical testing, gem identification and other indispensable analysis equipment.



The instrument is light and compact, easy to carry, can be free to carry out laboratory/field field scientific research.

One-button intelligent operation

The one-button operation design, just press the detection button can quickly get accurate results, simple operation, even non-technical personnel can easily master the method of use.

Quick qualitative analysis on site

No sample preparation/simple sample preparation, one-key test, results can be given in a few seconds, specially developed for quick qualitative analysis on site, with good environmental adaptability.

High safety

With professional multiple protective radiation treatment, measuring instrument without any radiation leakage in all directions.

Multi-form data output

Portable Bluetooth printer is equipped with the instrument, and the data can be output in EXCEL and PDF format. Users can create customized reports.

Easy to customize

The instrument adopts embedded color touch screen, simple and intuitive operation interface, users can build their own database and instrument management according to the actual needs.

Cloud service functions

PeDX RAMAN is equipped with a mobile APP service that can synchronously control instruments. The mobile APP service can operate, transmit and manage data, labels and other information, easily realizing system data docking and sharing.

Application scenario

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图1)

Drug authenticity identification 

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图2)

Analysis of Sulfur Content in Gasoline and Diesel    

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图3)

Elements content in toothpaste

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图4)

Detection of constituent in fertilizer

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图5)

Precursor Chemicals Supervision 

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图6)

Pesticide Residue

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图7)

Narcotics and psychotropic drugs supervision

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图8)

Cosmetics supervision 

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图9)

Food additives

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图10)

Medical Device Supervision

 Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer(图11)

Illegal additives in health products

Product parameter

The operating systemAndroid
The laser wavelength785 ± 0.5nm
Laser power 0-500mW,adjustable
Raman shift range200 - 3000cm-1
Raman resolution<6cm-1
XRF energy resolution145eV
XRF detection rangeMg—U
X-ray tube targetW/Ag/Rh target (optional)
X-ray tube voltage50kV/200μA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely
Touch screen5. 7 inches
Size 200 x 200x 268mm(L×W×H)
Communication interface4G, WIFI, USB, Bluetooth
Operating temperature- 20-50 ℃
Working humidity0% - 90% RH
Signal to noise ratio>3000:1
Power system

Lithium battery, real-time monitoring of remaining capacity

Independent power supply can support 4-6 hours of working time

Comply with air dangerous goods transport regulations


Based on the I. MX 6 Quad quad-core Cortex-A9 processor

Dedicated analysis-level operating system

80MHz ADC digital pulse processor

4096 MCA channel, 32 GB memory