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Environmental On-line Monitor

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

SPAS(Sulfur Auto System) ship pollutant discharge monitor is a high-performance online monitoring equipment developed and produced by LANScientific based on years of experience in atmospheric environment monitoring and combined with sensor technology at home and abroad. Choose electrochemical, optical and other high-precision sensors, mainly monitor the sulfur content in the air, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other factors.

Based on wireless communication technology, the instrument collects environmental big data into the "cloud platform", combines the application of informationized big data to realize the functions of pollution source tracking, early warning and forecast, and provides timely and effective decision support for the monitoring and supervision of ship air pollution emissions.


High-performance accessories

Large screen touch color image display screen, durable, easy to operate, display image; Adaptive signal filtering to optimize response time.


The instrument has high operation reliability and stability, but also has intelligent fault diagnosis and self-elimination function, display recent calibration, alarm, error and power failure information.

Data transmission

With RS 232/485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet and other data transmission modes, it can realize remote transmission, monitoring and inspection of operation parameters, status and data.

Data storage

Built-in 1-minute to 365-day multiple average data storage; With temperature compensation and pressure compensation function.

Application scenario


Ship exhaust emission monitoring

Pollutant discharge monitor(图2)

Emergency smoke pollution accident


Spot check of enterprise flue gas emission

Pollutant discharge monitor(图4)

Petroleum, chemical, power plant and other industrial process control

Pollutant discharge monitor(图5)

Environmental monitoring of air and pollution source emissions

Pollutant discharge monitor(图6)

Determination of gas content for various laboratory combustion tests

Product parameter

Measurement range  

Minimum:0-0.025 parts per million   

Maximum:0-10ppm(user optional, support double range)

Unit of measureppm
Zero noise25ppt(RMS)
Span noise0.5% (RMS) of readings above 5ppb
Minimum detection limit<50ppt
Zero drift< 0.2 PPB / 24 hours
Span drift < 0.5% of full scale /24 hours
Delay time

< 20 s

Rise/fall time95% in 100s
linear1% of full scale
precision0.5% of the reading
Sampling flow rate


The power supply requirements


Mode output range


Operating temperature range


Humidity range 

0-90% RH, no condensation