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Raman Spectrometers

Handheld Raman Spectrometer

“Smart phone” in Raman
Handheld Raman Spectrometer

RA200 is a handheld Raman spectrometer launched by LANScientific. It adopts spatially coupled optics, electronics design, and stoichiometry algorithm integrated with science, with easy operation and excellent performance. It is widely used in medicine, petroleum, chemical industry and environmental protection. Food, materials, public security, maritime affairs, national defense and other fields.


User management

You can manage existing accounts in the instrument and add new users.

No sample handling required

Through glass, plastic bag, transparent, translucent containers for the unknown solid, liquid (including aqueous solution and other types of solution) for rapid identification, no need to prepare samples, easy to operate.

Easy customization

Using embedded color touch screen, simple and intuitive operation interface, users can build databases and instrument management according to actual needs.

Multiform data output

Portable Bluetooth printer is configured, and the data can be output in EXCEL and PDF format. Users can create customized reports.

Database service

A comprehensive, customizable control list database with comprehensive libraries of controlled substances, thinners and precursors to help users screen samples quickly and accurately.

Results the identification

Automatically give clear judgment results, to the daily test sample confirmation work brought great convenience.

Product Parameters

Operating system (OS)Android
The wavelength of the laser was determined by the wavelength of the laser785 ± 0.5nm
The laser power is higher than that of the laser0-500mW,Can be change
Raman shift range200 - 3000cm-1
The resolution8-12cm-1
Touch screen5 inch,1920×1080,Multi-Touch
Size175 x 106 x 60mm(L×W×H)
Communication interface4G、WIFI、USB、Bluetooth
The databaseDatabase of up to 20,000 substances
The power supply Rechargeable lithium battery, working time ≥6 hours
Charging wayUSB
Operating temperature-20 – 50℃
Working environment humidity 0%—90%RH

Product video