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Environmental On-line Monitor

Continuous Monitoring System for Heavy Metals in Flue Gas

Continuous Monitoring System for Heavy Metals in Flue Gas

AOA 200CEMS flue gas heavy metal online monitoring system is a set of solutions designed by LANScientific for the rapid online analysis of heavy metal pollutants in flue gas. The instrument applies the principle of particulate matter isokinetic sampling and heat tracing extraction technology to automatically concentrate the particles in the smoke and dust on the coil filter membrane after high-precision XRF analysis. It can realize continuous automatic monitoring of the concentration of particulate matter of fixed pollution sources, the concentration of gaseous pollutants and the total amount of pollutants discharged, and send the monitoring data and information to the competent environmental protection department to ensure that the pollutant concentration and total amount of pollutants discharged by pollutant discharging enterprises meet the standards.



In general, the analysis results can be obtained every 15 minutes. The sampling and analysis time can be programmed, and the measurement results can be displayed in real time, making it convenient to view the data on site.

Data transmission

With RS232/485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet and other data transmission modes, can realize the remote transmission, monitoring and inspection of operation parameters, status and data.


Professional multiple radiation treatment, the instrument without any radiation leakage.


Automatic quality control, with internal standard elements can automatically check the long-term stability of the system. No personnel on duty, simple operation, simple maintenance, in addition to the filter belt basically no other daily supplies.

Alarm system

Equipped with intelligent alarm system, including: sample temperature abnormal alarm, condenser temperature abnormal alarm, heating temperature abnormal alarm, low flow rate alarm, etc.

Data storage

The instrument and system log function records the operating parameters of the system, and serves as the basis for the accuracy and reliability of system data traceability.

Application scenario


Battery manufacturing


Waste incinerator


Waste incinerator


Coal-fired power plants


Iron and steel plant, non-ferrous metal smelter


Waste incineration plant


The mine


Petrochemical plant

Product Parameters

Method of measurement Energy dispersion type, using XRF to identify the metal content of particulate matter in the air
Main monitoring elementTi, V, Cr, Mn, Fe , Co, Ni , Cu, Zn , Ga , As, Se, Sr , Pb , Rb, Mo , Hg , Ba , Cd , Sb , Sn and more than 20 elements
Measuring range0~5000 μg/m3
Detection limit≤ 0.1 μg/m3
linearityCorrelation coefficient≥ 0.99
The gas temperature

-20 ~ 600 ℃

Gas pressure-20 ~ 50 kPa
The gas flow velocity0~30 m/s
Sampling and analysis time10~120min
Sampling flow rate

(0-5) L/min adjustable, constant sampling


Daily automatic calibration

Filter membrane replacement cycle

 1 month

Working environment conditions

Temperature -20~50℃, humidity 0~90%RH

Communication interface 

RS232/RS485/RJ45, GPRS module can be configured

The power supply