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ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer

ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer

ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer

The ScopeX COAT coating analyzer is suitable for multilayer coating thickness measurement and material analysis, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the elemental composition of samples, as well as thickness measurement of coatings and coating systems. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, hardware products, standard parts, electronic components, electrical parts, machinery parts, sanitary decoration products, jewelry and other fields.


High sensitivity detector

High-power and efficient X-Ray tubes combined with high-performance detectors can detect fluorescent radiation energy as low as 1keV, making it easy to deal with a full range of light elements to heavy elements.

Data output

Simple test data management system, flexible report output format (EXCEL, PDF, etc.), rich report content (sample image, measurement results, spectrum, etc.) to meet users' various data management needs.

High-definition camera

The 5-megapixel industrial-grade HD camera can accurately display the measurement position during operation, even if it is very thin wire or semiconductor tiny contacts can display the measurement point position with high quality.

Ultra-large measurement space

The sample room is spacious and convenient for sample placement. It can place flat samples or large samples with complex shapes.

Downshot design

Measuring from bottom to top, without additional focus, allows easy and efficient measurement of coating samples.

Application scenario

ScopeX COAT镀层分析仪(图1)

Circuit board industry

ScopeX COAT镀层分析仪(图2)

Hardware and building materials industry

PeDX COAT镀层分析仪(图3)

Plating bath liquid、Metal content in electroplating wastewater

ScopeX COAT Coating analyzer(图4)

Jewelry and watches

ScopeX COAT Coating analyzer(图5)

Automobile and decoration industries

ScopeX COAT Coating analyzer(图6)

Precision electronics, 5G industry

Product Parameters

Test objectSolid, liquid, powder
Range of elementNa—U
Sample room size330×290×78mm(L×W×H)
Sample weight range0-2.5KG
Cover openAutomatic
Mainframe size570×400×400mm(L×W×H)
Mainframe weight64KG
X-ray tubeHigh power side window X-ray tube
VoltageUp to 50kV
CurrentMaximum 1mA
Cooling methodAir cooling
DetectorSDD 、Si-pin
Test environmentAir mode、Helium mode(optional)、Vacuum mode(optional)
Sampling methodHand sampling、Autosampler(optional)
Sample observation5 megapixel HD industrial camera
PC(CPU)CPU is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
RAMDDR4 4 GB memory or above
ROM1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
OSWindows 10
Temperature conditions10°C~35°C
Relative humidity40%-70% (No condensation)
Power supply220VAC
Rated power100W
Number of analysis layers5 layers (4 layers + substrate), it can analyze 10 elements for each layer, composition analysis is up to 25 elements
LOD of thickness0.005μm
Minimum test diameter