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INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes

Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Components, Wafer, IC Packaging Industry
INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes

As the main process to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality in the electronics industry, the thickness of the coating is the most important guarantee factor for product quality. Therefore, the quality control/guarantee of the thickness of the coating is very important.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) has become a widely used technique for coating thickness and composition measurement because of its non-destructive, fast measurement, and ease of use.

INSIGHT aims to provide accurate and efficient analysis methods for coating analysis applications.INSIGHT is easy to operate and flexible to configure, which can easily challenge ultra-thin coatings, provide fast, accurate and repeatable results, and help many PCB, semiconductor and other electronics related industries effectively improve productivity. And it ensures compliance to specifications to avoid the risk of poor performance and costs associated with scrap or rework. and it ensures compliance to specifications to avoid the risk of poor performance and costs associated with scrap or rework.



Multiple collimators are optional or multiple collimator combinations are automatically switched by the software, which can flexibly deal with parts of different sizes.

Up-bottom Design

The instrument adopts the Up-bottom design, which can easily achieve fast, accurate, stable and efficient measurement of super-large, irregular, small, and even liquid samples.

High Intensity X-ray Tube

INSIGHT can be equipped with high-intensity capillary optical system, which can bring higher count rate, smaller point measurement, and thinner coating measurement to the instrument, which helps to double the analysis efficiency of the instrument.

Highly sensitive detector

For complex coating structures, the SDD series detectors are easier to analyze elements with XRF-like characteristics, like better resolution, lower background noise (highest S/N ratio), and can measure thinner coatings more accurately.

Auto Focus

Samples are automatically brought into focus in seconds, regardless of sample thickness or size. Samples can be measured from distances as far as 80 mm. The instrument is ideal for measuring parts with recessed areas, or for measuring multiple samples at different heights.

Programmable automatic displacement sample stage

The instrument is equipped with an automatic platform, which can easily realize automatic measurement, and can prepare and measure samples faster, thereby increasing the analysis volume.

One-touch measurement

The instrument is equipped with intuitive and intelligent analysis software, which is easy to operate. Anyone can test samples without training. Just click "Start Test", and the test results can be obtained in tens of seconds.

Large measurement room

The slotted design (C-slot) of the instrument shell makes the measurement space wide and the sample easy to place. It can measure large and flat items such as printed circuit boards, and can also place large samples with complex shapes.

Increase productivity

INSIGHT automation helps you measure samples faster, increasing your throughput.

Application scenario

INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes(图1)

Printed Circuit Boards


INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes(图2)

Connector Plating  

In the electronics and electrical industry, the use of protective and wear-resistant coatings for electrical contacts is increasing. As the core component of the electrical connector, the surface treatment can improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the contact, and can also optimize the transmission function of the contact to a large extent. The base material of electrical connector contacts is generally copper alloy, and the commonly used plating layers are: tin plating, gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, palladium plating, etc.

INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes(图3)

Wafer Manufacturing (Semiconductor)

Wafer refers to the silicon wafer used in the fabrication of silicon semiconductor integrated circuits. In the production process, the wafer needs to be electroplated, that is, a layer of conductive metal is electroplated on the wafer, and the conductive metal layer is subsequently processed to form a conductive circuit. As the basic material of the chip, the wafer has strict requirements on the electroplating layer, so the process requirements are also high. During wafer plating, the uniformity and thickness of the coating must ensure the quality of the wafer.

INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes(图4)

Lead frame

The lead frame is a thin-plate metal frame that connects the contact points of the internal chips of the semiconductor integrated block and the external wires, and is a main structural material of the semiconductor package. In order to ensure the mounting/bonding performance in the packaging process, special surface treatment is required for the lead frame. Common lead frame plating elements include gold, silver, palladium, nickel, etc.

Product parameter

The characteristics ofTop-down measurement structure, XYZ measurement platform, MUTI-FP multilayer algorithm
Scope of elementNa(11)—Fm(100)
Analysis of the layer number of5 layers (4 layers + substrate) each layer can analyze 10 elements, composition analysis can analyze up to 25 elements
X-ray tube50 W (50 kV, 1mA) micro-focused tungsten palladium ray tube (target material is optional)
The detectorHigh sensitivity large area SDD detector, SDD 50mm2 large area detector, (optional)
CollimatorMultiple collimators are optional, and multiple collimators can be combined
The cameraHigh resolution CMOS color camera, 5 megapixels
Manual sample XY platformMoving range:100 x 150 mm
Programmable XY platform(Optional)
Z-axis range of movement150 mm
Sample bin size564×540×150mm (L x W x H)
Overall dimensions664×761×757mm (L x W x H)
weight 120KG
The power supplyAC 220V±5V 50Hz(The configuration varies slightly by region)
Rated power150W