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INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant

Compact benchtop micro XRF Analysis
INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant

The content of quality inspection of different coating products varies depending on the part and coating, but the appearance, thickness, corrosion resistance and bonding force with the base metal of the coating must be checked for all coatings, and the thickness of the coating is the quality of the coating. Among them, the thickness of the coating is the most important guarantee factor for the quality of the plated parts. Aiming at the detection and screening problems in the process control of surface treatment, product quality inspection and other links in the ironware application, LANScientific provides you with an efficient and intelligent XRF analysis instrument –  INSIGHT, INSIGHT coating analyzer is a up-bottom coating analyzer with high sensitivity, non-destructive, simple operation, high test accuracy, compact appearance, space saving, etc. It can not only be used for elemental analysis of samples with uneven, irregular, and even small shapes, but also for thickness measurement of coatings and coating systems.,It is widely used in quality control, incoming material inspection and production process control of various products to help customers reduce material costs and meet corresponding industrial standards.



Multiple collimator options or multiple collimator combinations are automatically switched by software, which makes INSIGHT's versatility greatly improved to flexibly respond to parts of different sizes.

One-touch measurement

The instrument is equipped with intuitive and intelligent analysis software, which is easy to operate. Anyone can test samples without training. Just click "Start Test", and the test results can be obtained in tens of seconds.

Nondestructive testing

X-Ray fluorescence is a non-destructive analytical process that leaves no traces and it is very safe to measure even on sensitive materials.

High-performance imported detector

We choose Si-PIN detectors suitable for multi-element coatings. Compared with traditional gas proportional counters, Si-PIN has better resolution, lower background noise (highest S/N ratio) long-term stability and longer service life.

High-precision manual X-Y platform

It is equipped with a high-precision manual X-Y platform with a maximum accuracy of 25μm, making micro-area measurement more convenient.

Auto focus

Samples of various shapes can be quickly and clearly focused, video images can be zoomed in, crosshairs included, autofocus.

Automatic focusing

High and low size sample can be fast and clear focus, video image can be enlarged, including reticle, auto focus.

Large measurement room

The slotted design (C-slot) of the instrument shell makes the measurement space wide and the sample easy to place. It can measure large and flat items such as printed circuit boards, and can also place large samples with complex shapes.

Application scenario

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant(图1)

Bathroom products

Bathroom ironware is generally divided into three components. Namely base (fixed parts), connecting parts, functional parts. Electroplating, as the main process of bath ironware, is very important for products, it is related to product service life, smoothness and wear resistance.

ScopeX COAT镀层分析仪(图2)

Ironware appliances

Ironware appliances refer to products obtained by processing and casting with metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc. The coating process is widely used in ironware appliances. Common ones are: zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, rhodium plating, palladium plating and alloy plating.

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant(图3)

Decorative coating

It can make parts beautiful, and can also improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface, such as Au and Cu-Zn imitation gold plating, black chrome, black nickel plating, etc.

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant(图4)

ABS electroplating layer

In recent years, with the rapid development of the industry, plastic electroplating has been widely used in the decorative electroplating of plastic parts, and ABS plastic is the most widely used one in plastic electroplating. Compared with metal parts, plastic electroplating products can not only achieve good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of products. Besides, it can effectively improve the appearance and decoration of plastics and improve its performance in terms of electricity, heat and corrosion resistance.

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant(图5)

Single coating

It can detect the thickness and elemental composition of single plating layers such as iron nickel plating, copper nickel plating, iron chrome plating, copper tin plating, copper gold plating, copper silver plating, etc.

Product Parameters

The characteristics ofTop-down measurement structure, XYZ measurement platform, MUTI-FP multilayer algorithm
Scope of elementNa(11)—Fm(100)
Analysis of the layer number of5 layers (4 layers + substrate) each layer can analyze 10 elements, composition analysis can analyze up to 25 elements
X-ray tube50 W (50 kV, 1mA) micro-focused tungsten palladium ray tube (target material is optional)
The detectorSi-PIN large area detector
Collimatorφ0.5-φ5  is optional. Multi-standard is optional
The cameraHigh resolution CMOS color camera, 5 megapixels
Manual sample XY platformMoving range:100mm x 150 mm
Programmable XY platform(Optional)
Z-axis range of movement150 mm
Sample bin size564mm × 540mm × 150mm(L x W x H)
Overall dimensions664mm × 761mm × 757mm(L x W x H)
weight 120KG
The power supplyAC 220V±5V 50Hz(The configuration varies slightly by region)
Rated power150W

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