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  • Auto-industry

    With the advancement of automobile manufacturing technology, surface treatment technology used in the automobile manufacturing industry is also constantly developing and improving. Scientific provides tailor-made testing technology to the automotive industry to ensure that the thickness and composition of coatings in automotive manufacturing meet specifications.


Electroplated plastic (ABS)

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, plastic plating has been widely used in decorative plating of plastic parts. ABS plastic is the most widely used type of plastic plating. Compared with metal parts, plastic electroplated products can not only achieve a good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of the products. While effectively improving the appearance and decorative properties of plastics, they can also improve their electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance. performance. There are many factors that affect the quality of plastic electroplating. The electroplating process, operation and plastic technology will have a greater impact on the quality of plastic electroplating. Therefore, the quality control and quality inspection of the electroplated layer are crucial. The XRF analyzer can easily cope with the challenges posed by the measurement of plastic coating samples with uneven, irregular and other shapes.

CDP and ZN coating

The fundamental task of aerospace material surface treatment technology is to form a new surface on the material through surface treatment to enhance the material's performance or give the material new functions. Common surface treatment methods mainly include: anodizing, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, thermal spraying, vapor deposition, and high-energy beam processing. To meet specific surface treatment inspection applications in the aerospace industry, LANScientific provides rugged, high-precision test instruments.

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