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Environmental On-line Monitor

Atmospheric Heavy Metal On-line Monitor

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Atmospheric Heavy Metal On-line Monitor

AOA 200 Atmospheric heavy metal online analyzer is an online heavy metal continuous monitor independently developed by LANScientific fusion of X-Ray fluorescence nondestructive testing technology, β -Ray absorption detection technology and air particulate matter automatic enrichment technology, in line with the United States EPA IO-3.3 standard method. It can not only monitor the mass concentration of air particles, but also quantitatively analyze the elements in the particles at the same time. It can realize the monitoring of low content of lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals in the air particles and the collaborative measurement of PM concentration, unattended, and long-term automatic.


Detection range

Accurate measurement of lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic and other dozens of heavy metals, low detection limit of elements, and other elements can be customized according to user requirements.


The main engine adopts international standard chassis, which can be installed on mobile monitoring vehicle or standard cabinet of automatic air station.

High precision

No miscellaneous peak light path design, built-in multi-file light filter, automatic switching to achieve low background measurement.

Automatic calibration

Built-in calibration module, XRF spectrum horizontal and vertical coordinates at the same time automatic calibration, calibration frequency can be set arbitrarily, but also built-in specific metal internal standard source, can realize automatic quality control and alarm.

Data transmission

With RS232/485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet and other data transmission modes, it can realize remote transmission, monitoring and inspection of operation parameters, status and data.


Professional multiple anti-radiation treatment, no radiation leakage in all directions when measuring instrument.

Application scenario

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line monitor(图1)

PM2.5 heavy metal monitoring online

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line monitor(图2)

Rapid detection of heavy metals in automobile exhaust

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line monitor(图3)

Location of pollution sources, prediction and early warning of pollution traceability

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line monitor(图4)

Other field experiment detection law enforcement

Product Parameters

Working power supply220VAC±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Measuring ambient temperature-40~50℃
Measuring ambient humidity0%RH~90%RH
Operating temperature of the host0℃~40℃
Humidity of the host operating environment30%RH~60%RH
Way to workContinuous automatic monitoring; One year of trouble-free operation and self-recovery function
Applicable standards

HM:US EPA IO-3.3 Standard Method "Determination of Heavy Metals in Environmental Particles by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry"

PM: HJ653-2013 "Ambient Air Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) Continuous Monitoring System technical Requirements and Detection methods"

The control modeComputer control, and self-diagnosis and setting function, real-time status monitoring function, and can store more than ten years of monitoring data
InterfaceChinese or English operation interface, touch screen operation, display real-time sampling flow, sampling time, measurement status, heavy metal concentration value (standard state or non-standard state can be selected), content curve and other information
InstallationFixed station room standard cabinet installation or mobile truck installation
Monitoring indicators

1. TSP/PM10/PM2.5 mass concentration

2. Simultaneously monitor Pb (lead), Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury), As (arsenic) and other 30 elements (other elements can be expanded according to user's subsequent requirements)

Measuring range



Detection limit

HM:10 pg/m3Magnitude (sampling time 1H, flow rate 20L/min)

PM:<0.5μg/m3(24H average)


HM:<15%(Pb、Cd、As sampling time4H)

PM:±5μg/m3 (in 24H)

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