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INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

Committed to providing you with a more accurate and efficient coating analysis method, it can easily measure samples with uneven, irregular, and even small shapes.
INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

Performance Characteristics

Helium system

Optional helium system for excellent light element measurement


Measurable accuracy reaches the nanoscale

Multiple collimators

Multiple collimators are optional and flexible

Working Principle

INSIGHT coating thickness analyzer adopts a microfocused X-ray tube to collect most of the X-ray source into microbeam spots focusing on the sample position, so as to obtain good spatial resolution and strong fluorescence signal. It collects, processes and evaluates the fluorescence signal generated after irradiation by the energy spectral probe and data processor to obtain results. It can achieve rapid and accurate analysis for more complex applications which is an ideal solution for uneven, irregular unknown samples and micro objects.

Software Advantages

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