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  • Mining and Geochemistry

    From grass-roots exploration to ore grade control, and even environmental investigations, we provide fast and accurate elemental analysis methods for the ore field.

Mining and Geochemistry

Tantalum Niobium Ore

The application of ore analyzers in tantalum-niobium ore detection can improve the efficiency and accuracy of detection, help scientific researchers, mining companies and smelting companies make more informed decisions, and promote the rational development and utilization of tantalum-niobium and other rare metal resources. Ore analyzer testing usually includes the following aspects:

Component analysis:  quantitative analysis of various elements in tantalum-niobium ore samples, mainly the contents of major elements such as Ta and Nb.   it is also possible to detect some possible harmful elements or impurities, such as iron, tin, copper, etc.

Concentration determination: Determine the content of tantalum and niobium in tantalum-niobium ore, which is an important indicator for evaluating the economic value of the ore.

Tin Ore

Tin is an important metal resource that is widely used in alloy manufacturing, electronic components, packaging materials, etc. Therefore, the quality and content analysis of tin ore is very important for resource assessment and mining and smelting. The ore analyzer can quickly and accurately conduct comprehensive analysis of tin ore samples, providing important data on the composition and content of the ore. These data are of important reference value to mining companies, smelting companies and scientific research institutions, and can guide the development and utilization of tin ore resources and the optimization of smelting production.

Concentrate, Tailings

Concentrate analysis: Concentrate is the part of valuable minerals extracted from ores. It contains higher-grade ores obtained through mineral processing and other processes. The ore analyzer can be used for composition analysis and content determination of concentrate samples to determine the content of valuable minerals and help evaluate the quality and economic value of the concentrate. This data is crucial for the optimization and control of smelting and refining processes.

Tailings Analysis: Tailings are the waste material left over after extracting valuable minerals from ore and often contain lower grade minerals or harmful elements. Mineral analyzers can be used to analyze the composition of tailings samples, detect harmful elements and other impurities in them, help evaluate the hazards and environmental impact of tailings, and guide the treatment and comprehensive utilization of tailings.

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