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  • Biopharmaceutical

    It is widely used in the biopharmaceutical industry to provide fast and efficient detection tools for every key point in the entire drug development and production channels.


API Testing

The testing of API is of extremely important significance and is a key step to ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs. XRD is a key analytical tool in API testing and can be used to verify crystal structure, identify purity, monitor structural changes, and evaluate drug properties. This helps ensure the quality, stability and effectiveness of API drug substances, thereby supporting drug manufacturing and development.

Pharmacopoeia Drug Testing (Montmorillonite, Aripiprazole, Nateglinide)

The application of X-Ray diffraction in the Pharmacopoeia generally includes single crystal diffraction and powder diffraction. Single crystal diffraction can obtain very rich microstructural information, but sample preparation is more complicated and it is difficult to distinguish multi-component samples. Powder diffraction samples are easy to obtain and are widely used in the field of qualitative and quantitative analysis of physical phases. With the development of science and technology, powder diffraction applications are gradually becoming more widespread.

Bioceramic Materials

Bioceramic materials are a class of ceramic materials specifically designed and manufactured for use in medical and biomedical applications. These materials usually have characteristics such as biocompatibility, bioactivity, and mechanical properties, making them widely used in medical devices, implants, tissue engineering, and other fields. There are various types of bioceramic materials, including oxide ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, phosphate ceramics, etc.

The application of XRD in bioceramic materials covers many aspects such as phase composition, crystal structure, grain size, and biological activity. Through XRD technology, researchers can gain an in-depth understanding of the properties and characteristics of bioceramic materials, providing important support for material design, preparation and application.

Agricultural Drug Testing

Agricultural drug crystal form analysis is critical to understanding drug performance, preparation, and interactions. X-Ray diffraction (XRD) is a commonly used technique that can be used to study the crystalline forms of agricultural drugs. Through XRD technology, information about crystal structure, unit cell parameters, crystal orientation, etc. can be obtained to provide support for drug research and development.

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