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SHINE Family (Portable)

SHINE Soil Edition

SHINE Soil Edition

Basic principles of X-ray diffraction: When a beam of monochromatic X ray incident to crystal, because the crystal is made up of atomic rules are arranged into a cell, the rules of the distance between the atoms and the incident X-ray wavelength with the same order of magnitude, so by the different atomic scattering X-ray mutual interference, stronger effects in some special directions X ray diffraction, the diffraction lines in the spatial distribution of location and intensity, is closely related to the crystal structure.

Clay minerals are the main body of interaction between charged particles in soil. Studies show that there are more than ten types of clay minerals, the main types are chlorite, kaolinite, illite, montmorillonite and illite/montmorillonite. The types of clay minerals are different in different areas, and their content is also very different in different areas, and each reservoir varies greatly in plane and vertical.

SHINE portable X-ray diffraction (soil edition) is designed for clay minerals content identification and equipment research and development of a portable X-ray diffraction, it can be based on different clay minerals content of the crystal structure, quickly identify clay mineral type and the specific percentage of the, even small granular mineral can determine accurately, It is the main method of clay mineral identification with the advantages of simple sample preparation, fast and high measurement accuracy.



the instrument adopts waterproof and dustproof box all-in-one machine design, without any mechanical moving parts, light and compact, convenient to carry, can freely carry out laboratory/field field scientific research.


XRD and XRF technology integration, in each test, can simultaneously collect XRD and XRF X-ray photon data, provide material composition, phase and structure information, so as to promote more accurate test results.


Instrument one-key operation, no correction, automatic detection, no extra attention to the high pressure system and water circulation cooling system (instrument without additional high pressure and water circulation cooling system).

Data transmission

The instrument through USB, Bluetooth, WIFI and laptop computer to achieve high-speed connection, real-time SHINE instrument control and phase analysis.

Two Dimensional X-Ray Diffractometer

The instrument is equipped with a charge coupled device (CCD) detector, which can take slices of the diffraction ring to help the user know if the sample has been prepared correctly (particle statistics and/or preferred grain orientation). So as to further help users to confirm whether the obtained qualitative and quantitative data is accurate and representative.


According to the needs of users specific applications, we provide customers with two different anode targets for Cu/Co targets.

Application scenario

SHINE Soil Edition(图1)

Green development of agriculture

SHINE Soil Edition(图2)

Soil pollution control


Environmental indicator study

Product parameter

XRD resolution0.2°@2θ FWHM
Scope of XRD5-55°2θ
The detector2000 X 256 pixel, 2d, level 3 Pelter refrigeration CCD
X-ray tube targetCluster microfocal spot X-ray tube, Cu or Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo, Ag, W target (optional according to test sample)
X-ray tube voltageMaximum 50kV, 0-50kV adjustable
X ray tube powerMaximum 40W, 0-40W adjustable 
XRF energy resolution127eV@8keV
XRF detection rangeMg—U
Sample particle sizeSample particle <150um (100 mesh sieve)
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Sample weightabout 20mg
Working temperature -10°C-35°C
The power supplyLithium ion battery or power adapter
CrystalX analysis software languageChinese, English and other languages