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Environmental On-line Monitor

Miniature On-line Atmospheric Heavy Metal Monitor

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Miniature On-line Atmospheric Heavy Metal Monitor

GaOA tiny atmospheric heavy metal on-line analyzer is LANScientific co., LTD., fusion X fluorescence nondestructive testing technology, automatic air particulates enrichment technology, independent research and development of the monitoring instrument miniaturization, the advantages of small size, low detection limit, several accurate, high temporal resolution, which can realize the air particles in the heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic continuous monitoring, Suitable for grid and dense distribution, it is widely used in urban atmospheric environment monitoring, factory area unorganized emissions, traffic exhaust emission pollution gas monitoring, emergency monitoring and other fields.



Compact and portable instrument, solid structure, easy maintenance, accurate and reliable monitoring data, construction cost is much lower than the standard station, suitable for large area layout fine or grid monitoring.

Low detection limit

Accurate measurement of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, antimony, mercury and other dozens of heavy metals, low detection limit of elements up to 0.01ng/m3, and other elements can be customized according to user requirements.

Automatic calibration

Built-in calibration module, XRF spectrum horizontal and vertical coordinates at the same time automatic calibration, calibration frequency can be set arbitrarily, but also built-in specific metal internal standard source, can realize automatic quality control.

Cloud platform

The equipment adopts wireless communication technology, the instrument can achieve confidential and secure communication with the server, and gather the big data of the environment into the "cloud platform".

Data transmission

The monitoring data complies with the Data transmission standard of online Automatic Monitoring (Monitoring) System of pollution sources (HJ/T 212-2005). At the same time, users can easily customize the corresponding functions according to the actual needs.


Professional multiple anti-radiation treatment, no radiation leakage in all directions when measuring instrument.

Application scenario


Online heavy metal detection after solid waste or garbage incineration

Miniature on-line atmospheric heavy metal monitor(图2)

Rapid detection of heavy metals in automobile exhaust


Location of pollution sources, prediction and early warning of pollution traceability


Other field experiment detection law enforcement

Product parameter

Working power supply220VAC±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Measuring ambient temperature-40~50℃
Measuring ambient Humidity0%RH~90%RH
Operating temperature of the host0℃~40℃
Humidity of the host operating environment30%RH~60%RH
Linear demand>0.99
Way to work

Continuous automatic monitoring; One year of trouble-free operation and self-recovery function

installationUse the bracket to run outdoors for a long time, or fixed in the station room operation
Monitoring projectMonitor Pb , Cd, Hg , As, Cr, Cu , Zn , Ni and other 30 elements (other elements can be expanded according to the subsequent needs of users)

HM:RSD<0.5% (Pb standard sample)

Measuring range


Minimum detection limit

HM:Ng /m³ (sampling time 1H, flow rate 16.7L/min), the increase of sampling time can reach pg level


HM:<15% (Pb, Cd, As sampling time 4H)

Applicable standardsHM:US EPA IO-3.3 standard method “Detection of Heavy Metals in Environmental Particulate Matter by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry”

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