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ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Coating thickness analysis has become an important part in processing industry and surface engineering quality inspection. It is a necessary means to verify whether products reach quality standards. In order to internationalize products, there are clear requirements for coating thickness for China’s export commodities and foreign-related projects.

ScopeX PILOT adopts down-top analysis design, equipped with advanced Multi-FP algorithm software, microlight aggregation technology and high-sensitive zoom distance measurement device. It can do fast, accurate and non-destructive testing on uneven, irregular and tiny samples.

It can easily deal with difficult problems in surface treatment process control product quality inspection and screening in coating field. ScopeX PILOT is widely used in jewelry, electroplating industry, automotive industry, hardware and bathroom, aerospace, electronic semiconductor and other fields.


Optional microfocal X-Ray device

Being able to analyze various tiny samples easily and accurately.

Multi-collimator / filters

Multiple filter and collimator are optional or switched to optimal combination automatically by software, which significantly enhances versatility of instrument to analyze parts of different sizes flexibly.

Down-to-top design

Measure from down to top without focusing specially. Achieve efficient measurement of coating samples.

NDT(Non-destructive testing)

XRF analysis is non-destructive to samples, which is safe even for sensitive materials.

Zoom device

Various special-shaped concave parts can be tested. Measurement range of groove depth can reach from 0 to 30 mm.

High-precision manual X-Y platform

Equipped with high-precision manual X-Y platform, whose accuracy can reach up to 25 μm, making the micro-area measurement more convenient.

One-touch measurement

The instrument is equipped with intuitive and intelligent analysis software, which is easy to operate. Anyone can test samples without training. Just click "Start Test", and the test results can be obtained in tens of seconds.

Application scenario

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图1)

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图2)
Small hardware parts

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图3)


ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图4)
Auto parts

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图5)
Printed Circuit Boards

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer(图6)

Electronic Component

Product Parameters

Range of elementAl(13)-Fm(100)
Analysis of the layer number of5 layers (4 layers + substrate) each layer can analyze 10 elements, composition analysis can analyze up to 25 elements
X-Ray tube50 W (50 kV, 1mA) micro-focused tungsten palladium ray tube (target material is optional)
The detectorSi-Pin detector,high sensitivity SDD detector(optional)
The cameraHigh resolution CMOS color camera, 5 megapixels
Manual sample XY platformMoving range:50x50 mm
FilterFixed primary filter, multi-filter(optional)
Sample room size320×480×130mm(W×D×H)
Weight 40KG
Power supplyAC 220V±5V 50Hz(The configuration varies slightly by region)
Rated power150W

Product video