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Coal ASH Analyzer

Coal ASH Analyzer

ScopeX ASH analyzer is designed for coal ash composition analysis in coking enterprises. Equipped with intelligent software and high-quality hardware, the ScopeX ASH ASH analyzer features wide linear range, fast analysis, high reproducibility and high accuracy. It is widely used in cement, iron and steel smelting, mineral development smelting, refractory materials, powder metallurgy, petroleum exploration, logging analysis, rare earth materials, environmental monitoring, non-ferrous metals, food, agriculture, scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields.


High performance configuration

Low energy X-ray with intelligent vacuum system, Si, P, S, Al, Mg and other light elements have a good excitation effect, XRF technology can be used to analyze the high content of Cr, Ni, Mo and other key elements.

A variety of collimator, filter automatic switch

5mm, 3mm, 1mm, 0.5mm four kinds of collimator, collimator and filter can be automatically switched by the software, save time and effort, through the appropriate combination of collimator and filter can improve the detection accuracy and sensitivity.

Nondestructive testing

Without damaging or affecting the performance of the tested object, the whole test process without any damage.

Peltier refrigeration

Peltier electric refrigeration without liquid nitrogen. Reduce the complexity of the device, and save manpower and equipment maintenance costs.

Data transmission

USB, WIFI, wireless Bluetooth and other methods for data transmission.

Application scenario


Coal mining, coal washing, coal blending


Coking, coal gasification


Coal power, petrochemical industry


Ore exploration and development, rock, core, rare earth element analysis


Metal alloy analysis, iron and steel smelting


Cement, limestone

Product parameter

Test objectCoal ash, coking coal, raw coal, etc.
Range of elementNa—U
Sample room size304×368×78mm(L×W×H)
Sample weight range0-2.5KG
Cover openAutomatic
Mainframe size570×400×400mm(L×W×H)
Mainframe weight64KG
X-ray tubeHigh power side window X-ray tube
VoltageUp to 50kV
CurrentMaximum 1mA
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Sampling MethodHand sampling、Autoinjection
Sample Observation5 megapixel HD industrial camera
PC(CPU)CPU is I3-7100 with the same main frequency or above
RAMDDR4 4 GB memory or above
ROM1TB HDD or 256GB SSD or above
OSWindows 11
Temperature conditions10°C~35°C
Relative humidity40%-70% (No condensation)
Power supply220VAC
Rated power600W

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