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  • Environmental Protection

    Committed to providing comprehensive testing solutions for customers in the field of environmental protection (air, soil, solid waste, transportation oil, etc.), adhere to the concept of sustainable development, and help the protection of environmental resources

Environmental Protection

Water quality analysis

For water quality monitoring, we provide a number of technologies for the analysis of drinking water, surface water, groundwater and wastewater to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Marine fuels

Starting January 1, 2020, all Marine fuels will be required to contain a sulphur content of no more than 0.5%, it is meaning both the shipping and oil industries will have to act quickly to prepare for the toughest Marine fuel standards to come.

Analysis of the air

Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements make it more difficult to maintain regulatory compliance and optimize process flow. The United States, China, India, Europe and Latin America have redefined and revised air quality monitoring and reporting requirements. We can explore solutions that meet business needs together . Always provide reliable measurements during your production process to achieve compliant emissions.

Microplastics in soil

Microplastics in soil mainly come from sludge/organic fertilizer application, agricultural film application, atmospheric deposition, sewage irrigation, surface runoff and littering, etc.

Soil analysis

Soil, as a key resource for human survival, it plays an important role in human production and life. However, heavy metal pollution in soil is becoming more and more serious all over the world, which has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. There is no doubt that heavy metal pollution in soil seriously affects the normal yield of crops on the one hand, and it also poses a serious threat to human health on the other hand.

Therefore, how to screen and treat soil heavy metal pollution has become the focus of current research.

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