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  • Mining & Geochemistry

    Provide integrated solutions for raw material, mineral and rare earth analysis or composite phase quantification as well as fuel and energy analysis

Mining & Geochemistry

Mineral exploration and discovery

The exploration and evaluation of mineral resources (or ore deposits) includes geology of exploration area, geology of ore bodies, mining technical conditions, technical performance of ore processing and comprehensive evaluation, etc.

Oil and gas

Natural gas includes tight sandstone gas (deep basin gas), coalbed methane, shallow biogas, water soluble gas, shale gas, inorganic gas, natural gas hydrate, etc. Unconventional oil mainly includes: oil sands, heavy oil (heavy oil), oil shale (shale oil obtained by low temperature distillation).

Mining and mineral processing

Use physical or chemical methods to separate useful minerals and useless minerals (usually called gangue) or harmful minerals in mineral raw materials, or separate a variety of useful minerals by processing is called mineral processing.

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