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  • Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

    Provides a fast and efficient detection protocol for every key point in the entire drug and drug discovery, development and production pipeline

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Fake medicine/Quack medicine

Counterfeit and inferior drugs have become a worldwide problem, and the harm of misuse of counterfeit drugs is huge. Scientific instruments provide researchers with a convenient way of detection and quality control for counterfeit drugs.


Biologic drugs refer to research results, including microbiology, biology, medicine, biochemistry, etc. Products for prevention, treatment and diagnosis are made from organisms, biological tissues, cells, organs, body fluids, etc. by using of the principles and methods of microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

In the process of drug research, development, pilot production, testing and approval, the impurities contained in the drug are detected, including process impurities, degradation product, isomers and residual solvents.

Pharmaceutical development

The whole process of a new drug from laboratory research to marketing and expanded clinical application. It involves many disciplines such as pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology, drug analysis, pharmacokinetics and clinical medicine.

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