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YANG Family (SW-XRF)

Ultra-low sulfur oil analyzer

Open a new era of oil testing
Ultra-low sulfur oil analyzer

Yang OIL Ultra-low sulfur OIL analyzer is an XRF analysis instrument specially designed for OIL detection by LANScientific Co., LTD. It integrates wave acoustic multi-year XRF research and development technology, crystal grating spectroscopic technology and highly intelligent XRF analysis software. It has the advantages of small, portable, simple operation, fast and accurate. It can quickly detect the sulfur content in gasoline, diesel, distillate, jet fuel, ethanol gasoline, residual oil, lubricating oil, crude oil and other oil products. It is an ideal tool for law enforcement and detection of ecological environment departments and transportation departments.



Waterproof and dustproof box (IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade) all-in-one machine design, portable test platform, so that the field detection and laboratory analysis in one, one-button test, simple operation, automatic detection, no correction, free laboratory/field scientific research.

Strong adaptability

Specially developed for quick on-site analysis, the instrument can be fog-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, can adapt to the harsh environment.

Heat dissipation

The instrument is equipped with a special two-way ventilation heat dissipation device to improve the heat dissipation performance of the instrument.


YANG has professional multiple protective radiation treatment (sample chamber radiation shielding measures, safety linkage lock device), no radiation leakage in all directions of the instrument during measurement.

Data printing

YANG is equipped with a portable Bluetooth printer, while the data can be EXCEL, PDF format output, users can create custom reports.

Application scenario


Oil analysis

It is mainly used to analyze the sulfur content of automobile gasoline, diesel oil, distillate, jet fuel, kerosene, biodiesel, biodiesel blending fuel, ethanol gasoline, naphtha, residual oil, lubricating oil, crude oil and other liquid oil products


Chemical testing

suitable for petrochemical enterprises raw material screening, finished products, quality control and other links


Law enforcement detection

suitable for environmental protection supervision departments, quality supervision departments to screen the quality of oil, including but not limited to heavy road cargo transport vehicles, non-road mobile machinery, gas stations, petrochemical enterprises, ship fuel and other law enforcement testing

Product parameter

Excitation sourceAir cooled X-ray tube
X-ray tube targetCu target or Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo, Ag, W target (optional according to test sample)
X-ray tube voltage

Maximum 50kV, 0-50kV adjustable

X ray tube power

Maximum 50W, 0-50W adjustable 

CrystalHyperboloid curved crystal
The detector

level 2 Pelter refrigeration CCD


5.7 inch

Detection range


The batteryEquipped with intelligent lithium battery, a single battery can work for 4 hours, the laboratory environment can also be powered by adapter.
Working temperature-20℃~50℃
Working humidity


Data output

USB, GPS,4Gcommunication

Measuring time30~600s
Detection limit




System processor

Based on the I. MX 6 Quad quad-core Cortex-A9 processor

Dedicated analysis-level operating system

80MHz ADC digital pulse processor

4096 MCA channel, 32 GB memory