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  • Electroplating application

Electroplating application

Bath Analysis

Electroplating solution is a key factor affecting the quality of electroplating, so it is very important to analyze the quality of electroplating solution. Since plating baths are not constant, their composition, impurity levels, and acidity are not constant, and the frequency with which they need to be tested increases.

In order to ensure that the test results are close to the current situation of the electroplating solution, a fast and simple device is needed for testing, and XRF can meet this requirement.

Plated Plastic

ABS plastic is the most widely used type of plastic electroplating. Compared with metal parts, plastic electroplating products can not only achieve a good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of the product. While effectively improving the appearance and decoration of plastics, it can also improve the performance of its electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance. 

There are many factors affecting the quality of plastic electroplating. The electroplating process, operation and plastic process will have a greater impact on the quality of plastic electroplating. Therefore, the quality control and quality inspection of the electroplating layer are very important.LANScientific XRF analyzer can easily meet the challenges brought by the measurement of plastic coating samples with uneven and irregular shapes.


Install the LANScientific automatic analysis instrument directly on your automatic electroplating line to provide you with real-time thickness measurement data. This enables you to react faster when products are out of tolerance and reduces wasted plating material, which can lead to less costs.

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