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  • Coating Thickness Analysis

    Suitable for multi-layer coating thickness measurement and material analysis, can be used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the element composition of samples, it also can be used for coating system thickness measurement.

TrueX COAT Coating Analyzer

Through the on-site inspection of the samples, the composition elements and thickness of the coating layer can be quickly determined.

ScopeX COAT Coating Analyzer

Provides higher accuracy, quicker and easier coating thickness measurement, elemental analysis, and electroplating bath analysis.

PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer

It is suitable for coating thickness measurement and material analysis. It has the advantages of non-destructiveness, reliability, high productivity and high flexibility. It can be used to qualitatively analyze the elemental composition of samples, and can also be used for thickness measurement of coatings and coating systems.


Committed to providing you with a more accurate and efficient coating analysis method, it can easily measure samples with uneven, irregular, and even small shapes.

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Brand new down-to-up design, high cost-effectiveness, wide application range. Suitable for various oversized parts, irregular groove parts and small parts for intensive multi-position testing.