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  • Auto Industry

Auto Industry

The Fuel Cell

Fuel cells contain many metal parts, such as pipe joints, stack end plates, power-taking plates, etc. Most of them are made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper. In order to ensure the corrosion resistance, safety, insulation and other functions of fuel cells, surface treatment technology is widely used in fuel cell manufacturing, such as fuel cell support and connector surface technology, fuel cell bipolar plate surface treatment process, cover (fuel cell engine or stack pack shell) surface treatment process, etc. LANScientific XRF technology can provide a suitable solution for the quality inspection application in the fuel cell industry.

CDP and ZN Coating

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of automobiles, prolong the life of automobiles and ensure driving safety, many automobile protection technologies have been researched and developed. Among them, surface coating technology is the most widely used and most effective technology.

And with the advancement of automobile manufacturing technology, the surface coating protection technology used in automobile manufacturing industry is also developing and improving.

In order to ensure that the thickness and composition of the protective layer in automobile manufacturing meet the specifications, LANScientific provides tailor-made testing technology for the automobile industry.

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