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  • XRF Spectrometers

    The handheld/portable/benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer is capable of qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid, powder, liquid and other samples from NA-U and analysis concentrations from 100% to ppm.

TrueX Family (Handheld)

Designed for X-ray fluorescence analysis applications in the field, it can simultaneously determine primary, secondary, micro and trace elements in samples without sample preparation, portable and suitable for large-scale continuous analysis, process control, product quality inspection and other links.

PeDX Family (Portable)

It has the advantages of portability, fast analysis speed, good reproducibility and high precision, it can be used in waste recycling, environmental assessment, consumer product safety, metal materials, metal jewelry, petrochemical industry, geological and mineral exploration or other fields.

ScopeX Family (Benchtop)

Adopt advanced industrial design and ergonomics concept, exquisite and beautiful appearance, can determine different forms, different shapes of the sample, is the ideal choice of PPM and above detection range.

YANG Family (SW-XRF)

Extending the field of X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis from PPM to PPB, it has the advantages of fast, non-destructive, low detection limit and high accuracy. It is an ideal choice for enterprises in food safety and other fields, such as product trade, processing, quality testing, safety audit and recycling.